Reading IT Articles – Make it a Daily Regimen

Though there’s already much to do in one day for a technical recruiter, it’s still worthwhile to state just how important it is to always be in the know of what’s going on in the technology space. As a technical recruiter, that’s the space you play in.  Yes, it’s changing very fast. The key is – don’t try to chase it, you’ll find it frustrating – instead let it come to you. How? In way of Really Simple Syndication (RSS). You’ve seen it, used it, or tried to. Now put it to good use. The reasons we need to read IT Articles and make it a daily regimen are as follows:

  1. To increase your technical vocabulary. This is not so you can be a masterful technology wordsmith, but so you can know your terminologies, and how they interrelate, their purposes and correct usage.
  2. To keep abreast of changing technologies. It changes very fast, faster than we really know, so don’t bother chasing it, you’ll never catch up. Know the basics of mobile computing, development, and networking etc. Follow the innovations of companies like Google, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM etc.  Develop a keen interest in technology. Think sports recruiting – they know their statistics!
  3. To know what your clients and candidates are going through. This is a good thing especially if your candidates and clients know that you understand their plight. Imagine how you feel when a specialist (auto mechanic, doctor) understands your problems and can speak to the symptoms you’re facing. You are that specialist. Read to understand your candidates and clients symptoms.
  4. To start and maintain conversations. Talk shop with IT professionals. Speak the language. This will surely distinguish you from other recruiters.
  5. To increase your confidence level. Ok maybe just half a notch. Seriously this will increase your confidence level. Imagine how it feels when you know that you know your stuff!

Though there are so many IT resources to keep us informed, most of them are geared towards IT professionals but I’ve listed three here that I believe are more generic and that can help you get started.

| | |

These links talk about the future of IT, with content for business professionals as well as technical professionals. With this information, you can now set up a daily reading regimen to scan the interesting articles and newsletters.

Here’s how you do it.

  1. Click on any of the links, for example –
  2. Select the topic that suits you from the left pane  – for example Databases
  3. Then click on the ‘subscribe to this topic’ on the right pane.
  4. If you have MS  Outlook
    1. Copy the link (URL) then go to Outlook
    2. Click on Tools – Account Settings – RSS Feeds Tab
    3. Then enter the RSS URL you just copied – OK
    4. In the next dialog box – ensure the feed name is one you can recognize (if not change it to desired name)
    5. In the Delivery Location  – click on Change Folder – to add the feed into a new folder
    6. Select the RSS Feeds folder – click the New Folder button – Enter a name  – Ok –OK
    7. Check the box – Download the full article as an html attachment – click ok
    8. In Outlook, expand the RSS Feeds folder to display your named folder and you should start seeing the feeds coming through.
    9. If you don’t have Outlook, click to subscribe and it’ll be added like a bookmark (in FireFox – in the bookmark toolbar) or like a favorite (Internet Explorer – in the Feeds tab)


YouTube has lots of videos that help in adding RSS. You can search for these videos using keywords – ‘RSS for Outlook’

Add reading to your daily task. Start reading the articles. Just an article a day will go a long way.

Additional Information: You can also create a list of the makers of the applications and tools you recruit e.g. CRM, ERP, .Net, Java, PHP, SQL etc. Go to their respective websites, search for the technology and create an RSS or bookmark on these links. Here are a few for Dynamics Basic, CRMOnline, SharePoint, and SQLServer

What other links have you used in the past?

About Obi

Obi Ogbanufe lives near Dallas, TX. Her background is in technology, with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering. She started her career in NCR Corporation as a professional services consultant and then moved on to other job roles including Windows Administrator, Database Administrator, Programmer Analyst, Quality Assurance Engineer, and Database Developer with companies like Voyager Expanded Learning and She currently works as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Consultant and Trainer. Obi holds many technical certifications such as Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA), Microsoft Certified Business Management Solution Specialist on Dynamics CRM, and Oracle Certified Associate (OCA). Obi spent two years working a technical recruiter for a company she started in 2006, recruiting candidates in different areas that included database developers, quality assurance, .NET developers. Today she uses her experience in IT and Recruiting to help individuals and organizations screen and qualify technical candidates through her book – Technology Made Simple for the Technical Recruiter and training sessions.
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