The Technical Recruiter: An Expert at Calling It

10,000 hours. This is how many hours of work/practice it takes to become an expert in a particular field (Gladwell, 2010).  Hence, if you’ve worked in the technical recruiting field for 3 – 5 years, I say you’re probably an expert. You’ve got what it takes to call it. Call what?  You might ask. Calling it when you see it. In a nice and professional way that gives your candidates and hiring managers the space and dignity to continue to work with you.

At 5 years of diligently working in this field, you probably have the skills, knowledge and expertise to analyze job descriptions, resumes, candidates or companies and make some predictions. As far as predictions go, you need some facts, and numbers to back them up. Even though some predictions may turn out wrong, some might also be correct.

But make them anyway.  For example, when you work with a company (or candidate) that lacks integrity, or one that exudes it; if you’ve been a recruiter for 3-5 years you’ve probably experienced this and can predict the resulting outcome. Call it, and act on it.