Software Developer Job Description


Software Developer Job Description

Software application development is the  process of using a programming language  (and a method) to design a program that runs on a computer to perform or automate a given task.

The Application Developer designs and develops new and modified features of software application. They also be  develop data migration and integrations processes to legacy systems using identified development tools and technologies. The application developer may also create services (web services – w*) called from external applications to integrate with software application.

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  • The application developer is the primary resource for determining the approach to be utilized in a project implementation.
  • The application developer should possess a thorough understanding of the product from both a functional and technical perspective.
  • He or she should have a comprehensive understanding of the implementation methodologies for the technology being utilized in product development, such as .NET or Java Framework.
  • The application developer participates in every aspect of the development and implementation, working with business analysts to ensure full understanding of the change implications to current business processes.
  • He or she designs and builds product deliverables according to specifications, escalates technical design or specification issues to business analyst/project manager and application development director, and works within a given time frame to complete coding.
  • He or she follows good development practices and software development life cycle methodologies throughout product development

Functional/Technical Skills

  • For a Microsoft Windows based company, the application developer should be knowledgeable in Microsoft .NET technology; Microsoft Visual Studio development system; hardware sizing and architecture; network and operating systems; server technologies—Microsoft SQL Server Database, Reporting Services, Analysis Services, N-tier architecture, and Web servers; and Internet technologies—Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), Microsoft BizTalk Server, and firewalls.


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