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Pro/Professional Technical Recruiters

As a professional technical recruiter with 3 or more years of experience, here are some ways I can help you with this book. If after reviewing these four steps, you need more practical learning, you are welcome to join our monthly free webinars, or sign up for online training.

Understanding and Reviewing Technical Job Descriptions

Job description to the recruiter should be like the technical specification to the developer, who must understand every aspect of the requirement in order to create a solution that solves an issue thereby satisfying the customer. Learn to read between the lines of a job description, nothing is as it seems. A Job description is never straightforward

Reviewing Technical Resumes

Have you ever wondered after reading a resume, if the owner of a resume actually has the experience listed in the resume? Or wanted to clarify the technical skills in resume beyond the trivial “how many years experience do you have in Java?” type questions?

Preparing a Resume for Client Presentation

When you’ve understood the job description, reviewed the resume and are certain the candidate is good for a position, how do you prepare and present the candidate’s resume in the best possible light without embellishing skills.

Understanding IT

Go beyond reading a  technical glossary, let me show you how to make this a lifelong and simple process of identifying and understanding new technologies.