Technical Recruiter Assessment


Technical Recruiter Skills Assessment

  1. Are you looking for an edge in your technical recruiting career?
  2. Do you want to increase your technology knowledge for recruiting?
  3. Are you frustrated with not knowing what to ask your candidates or hiring managers?

If you are still reading then, Technology Assessment for the Technical Recruiter may just be what you need! Separate yourself from the rest. Know what your Candidates, Hiring Managers, and other stakeholders want, and help them to help you by increasing your knowledge in their day-to-day technologies.

Evaluate the Technical Recruiter’s Skills

Assessment Summary 

It’s a bank of assessment questions that test the technical knowledge of recruiters in several fields;

  • Software Development
  • Database Development
  • General Technologies Background

The questions are based on real life job descriptions and resumes, asking recruiters to identify missing skills for Web development, to tell the difference between the skill sets of database developers and database administrators etc. See Demo Assessment Questions. This is a followup assessment for the ‘Technology Made Simple for the Technical Recruiter’ book, but can also be used as a stand alone assessment. If you’ve read the book, then this assessment will complement your new skills and knowledge beautifully.

Assessment Features

Improve technology skills. Recruiters and their managers can use this to improve recruiters technology skills, resulting in the ability for technical recruiters to increase the rate at which they are able to realistically screen and match candidates to job descriptions, and the confidence to communicate unrealistic technical requirements goals to hiring managers.


Relevance of Technology to Recruiters
There are many technical books with technical jargon that target professionals in the field and not recruiters. This assessment is created for technical recruiters, it’s relevant to recruiters, giving you just the right amount of technical knowledge needed for the day’s tasks.


Give your stakeholders what they want
According to a recent survey, where technical candidates were asked what they wanted from IT recruiters, the alarming responses centered around this: “I think IT recruiters need to understand IT better”,“…to really understand what the job will be and communicate that information … I’ve done many interviews with one description of the job by a recruiter and then a completely different description by the interviewer” and “I would ABSOLUTELY love it if technical recruiters had experience with the software and systems they were hiring for” With this assessment, recruiters learn the software and systems they are hiring for.


Ease of Design and Use
The assessment has two formats, the online version where one can purchase and start using the software immediately to increase technical knowledge or the download version, which is emailed to clients after purchase.


Knowledge Base
Assessments are based on scenarios from real-life job description and resumes in use today. So the skills you acquire from using the assessment today can immediately translate to the next resume or job description on your computer screen.


Frequently Updated

The assessment questions are frequently updated with current scenarios and technologies as they change or become available. So this ensures technical recruiters are current with new technologies.


Hiring Manager Questions

Scenario based questions help recruiters learn how to ask questions of hiring managers. Ensuring recruiters are able to find the right candidates, quicker.


Get the Technology Assessment for the Technical Recruiter Now

Technical Recruiter Assessment - Online
Candidates, Hiring Managers, and other stakeholders are looking for technical recruiters with knowledge in technology; They are saying that technical recruiters need to understand technology better. Separate yourself from the rest using these three assessments - Software Development Technologies, Database Technologies and General Technical Knowledge. This is the online version.
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