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"Technology Made Simple for the Technical Recruiter is a must read for any professional IT recruiter who seeks to place the right person in the right job at the right organization. This book will help recruiters both speak and understand the language of IT professionals. I highly recommend you read this book … you will be empowered and gain control over your future" — Tessa Tubbs Ekukanju, HR Director, PepsiCo.


"For years, technical recruiters have struggled to keep up with the ever changing technologies of the IT world. Up until now, relatively little had been developed to assist the recruiting community in keeping up with the rapidly changing landscape of technology. Now, all that has changed thanks to Technology Made Simple for the Technical Recruiter. Recruiting managers no longer need to struggle with where to go to find a comprehensive guide to train and equip their teams with the skills needed to excel at their jobs. This book should not only be required reading, but it should also be on the desk of every IT Technical Recruiter as an ongoing reference guide" — Matthew Harrington, Dallas, TX – IT Consulting and Staffing Leadership.

“Obi has twice presented to our teams. She invested heavily in preparation, truly influenced the audience and made a positive impact on our team members. She leverages her 360 degrees of experience and her delivery is masterful as she sincerely connects with the students. I would highly recommend Obi to any that are considering raising the knowledge level of their Recruiters.”- Barry Mills

I have recommended this book to my entire recruiting team! Top 3 reasons why Obi's book is a great resource for the IT Recruiting industry:
1. Are technical terms and their relationship with each other confusing? Do they seem to change all the time? Obi breaks down the technologies in an easy-to-understand way and provides a conduit to understanding "tech" talk.
2. How do you read a resume? How do you know if the background might fit the position your searching on? Read Obi's book and you find the answers.
3. Does your candidate really have the experience they say they do? How do you "cut the wheat from the chaff"? This book will help you ask the right questions and find your candidates' strengths.

*** BONUS *** If you like this book, I suggest you contact Obi and ask about her presentations. Obi's style is very personable and real.  - Happy Hunting! --Jason Singer



Great read! I am very impressed with the way this book was put together; every technique and strategy required for recruiting excellence in the technical field is covered completely. All levels of recruiters can benefit greatly from it.I will highly recommend this book to anyone interested in becoming an effective technical recruiter. Whether you are a new to the recruiting industry or advanced, if you are involved in the technical recruiting industry, you will be doing yourself a great favor to read this! - Christine.


"You gave us one of the best advices I’ve ever heard about technology - Simple but genius. I especially liked the part about “Architecture” “Java” and “C#”, I finally understood some things.  The way you presented these chapters summarized quite well the info in your book and it actually complemented it" - T.Pizarro (Technical Recruiter)


"Greatly appreciated!! This should be mandatory training for all Recruiters & Account Exec's within an organization, thus enabling us ALL to more clearly understand and articulate our client's needs to potential candidates and to each other" - R. Redden (Technical Recruiter)


“Obi is an exceptional trainer. I have been through 2 of her courses and she continues to teach me new things. After recruiting myself for 11 years, it is refreshing to get new information that is useful in my daily job. I would highly recommend Obi. Maureen.M


“Obi is an excellent resource for anyone looking to make an impact in the IT field! Not only does she possess an unmatched skill set as an IT professional, but unlike so many others, she’s able to translate her knowledge in a meaningful and relatable manner. Check out her book for anything and everything related to IT and the recruiting industry. - Martin Hancock

“Obi is very knowledgeable in the full SDLC. I have had the opportunity to attend a couple of Obi’s Recruiter training sessions and each time taken away something to use in day to day practices. I encourage everyone to attend one of Obi’s training sessions.”  - Mark Crutcher

I just wanted to say thank you for writing your book, “Technology Made Simple For The Professional Recruiter”. It’s helping my colleagues and I tremendously – Giulia Ferraris – IT Recruiter

I wanted to let you know that I have read your book and it is extremely useful and has been very helpful to me - Sheethal Surendran



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